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The Difference Between a Drain Clog vs Sewer Line Clog

Clogs aren’t fun. They can take a heavily used sink or toilet completely out of commission. If wastewater has nowhere to drain then you don’t exactly want to add to the problem. Even if the drain is clearing slowly, using the drain in question will only make things worse. And, of course, if you have an issue deeper in your plumbing system, such as in your sewer drain, it will throw things off even worse.

When you have problems with backed-up drains in your home it is well worth it to reach out to a professional to effectively clear the problem. Whether you have a drain clog or a sewer clog in Springfield, our plumbers can address the problem effectively–which is a lot better

How to Tell the Difference Between a Drain Clog or a Sewer Clog

Whatever type of clog that you have in your home, it is worthwhile to address it sooner than later. Here are some warning signs to tell you what kind of problem you may be dealing with:

Indicators of a drain clog

  • You hear bubbling or gurgling when you use the sink: You are washing dishes and things are going well when you start to notice that the kitchen sink sounds like it is talking back to you. The gurgling, bubbling, or even sucking noise that you are hearing is created by the water making its way through the build-up in your drain. Don’t ignore this as it will get worse.
  • There is slow drainage: Is the sink or drain you are using draining water extremely slowly? It may puddle and take a few minutes, or you may end up with a sink full of water that takes hours to clear. Make sure to address the cause of this soon before you get no drainage at all.
  • You can smell something odd in the sink. When you use the bathroom or kitchen sink does something smell…off? That stench may be the collected build up of soap, hair, food debris, and other materials that are starting to clog your drain.

How to tell it may be a sewer clog

  • Multiple drains are clogged: It isn’t just your kitchen sink now, its the bathroom sink too, and even the shower! When you have more than one clogged drain in your home, it isn’t bad luck. Well, it might be if you’d categorize a sewer clog as bad luck.
  • You smell sewage throughout the house: Its that less than pleasant smell again, but it seems to be coming from everywhere. A pervasive sewage smell is going to indicate that you likely have a stubborn clog deep in your sewer drain.
  • Draining in one area produces water in another: You are washing your hands and you notice the water you thought was going down the drain is coming up through the shower. This is a definite sign of a problem in your drainage system.

Stubborn clogs aren’t going to be something simple to get rid of. Rather than wasting money on chemical drain cleaners that do more harm to your pipes than good, it is best to work with us to clear those clogs effectively!

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